"They just don't have the regulations in Mexico ..."

24 hours ago we had quite a scare on Cozumel island. The four of us rented scooters to tour the island. About 30 minutes into the ride the road got a little bumpy and Rachel went off a sweet jump ... not so sweet. I was in front and heard yelling--my heart sank as I turned around to see Rachel on the street--all messed up. Her knee was busted completely open and foot scraped up. I held her knee together while we waited for the ambulance. We had a long ride back to some small clinic where she received an unknown amount of stitches ...

The scare is Rachel being pregnant ... fortunately, we were able to hear the baby's heart beat--everything appears to be okay--Keep Rach in your prayers.

She is resting today ... we have to go back to the hospital tomorrow and go from there.