Central Park in the Fall

I don't think I ever remember a Fall being so beautiful.  The colors on the trees in Central Park were really something else- every bright red, bright orange and bright yellow (my favorite!) shade were everywhere.  I loved my morning runs when everything was blanketed in a layer of fog and you could just make out the buildings amongst the colorful trees.  Gorgeous.  Brian took the girls to Central Park one Saturday morning while I was busy.  They had the best time playing soccer, running around and building fairy homes.

The bridges here are my favorite.  I love how they bow up and are so ornate.  Plus, the trees on either side! 

The girls made these cute fairy salads...tomatoes and lettuce in an acorn bowl!

We love living so close to Central Park and just heading over when we need some fresh air and space to run around. It seriously is so stunning in the Fall- you could spend all day walking around and taking it all in.  I love to go to the reservoir for the awesome view of downtown.

There is a market on 65th and Columbus (by our church) every weekend.  They sell all kinds of baked goods, farm fresh produce and our favorite apple cider donuts.  So yummy! We love where we live- so close to everything we need like school, the grocery store, and our church.  We hardly ever have to use the subways because most things are really convenient to get to (or can be had with the click of a button online!).  But, we love getting out and exploring new parts and seeing things in our neighborhood that we haven't discovered yet.  There's always something new to find in New York City and Fall is our favorite season so far!