Game On!

So, I've been "tagged"- I've been seeing people get tagged all over the place and finally I am now in the in-"tagged" crowd. Thanks to Nora! Here goes: 6 facts about myself - I'll try not to bore you.

1. I absolutely LOVE where I live. If anybody is looking for a great place to raise a family- check it out. The church is really strong (but not too strong), great family atmosphere everywhere you go, and fairly decent weather (that might be a stretch come July/August).

2. I have learned more about myself, the gospel, love, and well, just everything in general since June 2, 2004 than I have in my entire life combined (thats in the last 3 1/2 years- or since my first daughter, Kate, was born)

3. I come frome a family of eleven children and I'm a twin. Wait, the fun doesn't stop there- I was also a middle child. Hmm, so basically I had no identity of my own growing up, as I was simply referred to as "twin".

4. I love to exercise- its the one thing I do everyday that I feel is just for me- but it also gives me more energy, enthusiasm, and just plain go-ism, which in turn, makes me a better (and well, lets face it- less cranky) mom. Lately, I've taken up running and I love it- there is a major rush following a 10-mile run with no running partner and yes, no ipod! And, I might as well post this too- I'm starting up an indoor soccer team and if anyone is interested, we still need a couple of players. Let me know ASAP!

5. My husband is my best friend- if I had the choice of hanging out with just one person every moment for a week straight (no kids!)- it would definitely be him. Eternity will probably be pretty nice...

6. Like my sister-in-law, Natalie, I LOVE giving birth. Sounds crazy, right? It is the coolest, most amazing, thrilling thing that can happen to someone (provided an epidural is involved- I'm a wimp!) I guess it helps that I have had two very quick (under 4 hours) labor and deliveries. Its the stuff that follows that can get a little crazy (Kate is our exhibit A). But, so worth it!