The Pothiers

Elle lived with us for a month when we first moved to London and it was the best.  Not only was she so fun and easy to have around, but it helped us get settled super quick.  It was a huge blessing for our family.  She loved our girls and our girls loooooved her.  She's the best- beautiful on the outside and the inside.

So, when Shawni told me that they were coming to London right after Elle graduated, we were so excited!  One year later and a bit more knowledge about our city (how little we knew, but how much we thought we knew one month after living here!) that we wanted to share with this awesome family.  The Pothiers came to our ward on Sunday, which is where we actually met all of them face-to-face for the first time- even though we all felt like we knew each other already.  ;)  It was so fun to finally meet!  They then whisked off for a quick trip to Cambridge and we met up later that evening at Regents Park for a birthday dinner and cake for Charity, Shawni's youngest sister.  We love Charity and Ian so much, they've babysat for us, and we've shared some fun memories together- they're some of our very favorite people, so it was fun to celebrate Charity's birthday all together.  And, in one of our favorite places...Queen Mary's Rose Garden, which was showing off for us because every single rose was finally in bloom and it was stunning!

We met up at the famous London Eye the next day- we had never done it while living here and have always wanted to.  The weather wasn't perfect, but we had the best time chatting and seeing this amazing city from high above.  Our kids got along so great too- I loved watching them play together.  

After the London Eye, we made it over to Camden Market for some delicious food and then walked over to Primrose Hill for another great view (can you see it in the background above?). Here's us all trying to squeeze into a Dave selfie special!  ;)

Reunited at last!!  Tessa adores Elle and Grace!

We love this sweet family so much and are so grateful that they trusted us to take Elle in for a whole month in a different country.  So glad we got to spend time with them in London!!