Lil' Lo

Things have been going good here in the Crofts' household lately...we are certainly adjusting to life with three children. This, in turn, has severely limited my ability to go pretty much anywhere during the day. But, thanks to my sweet in-laws who came and took Kate and Taylor a couple of times this week, I was able to resume some sort of normalcy for a few hours at a time...I went shopping, saw a movie, and went to dinner with Brian...ah, life with one child is is so kick-back! We do love being parents of three though- totally worth it.

Kate said something funny this morning while I was feeding Lauren...
"Mom, isn't it so exciting that we have a baby now and we get to keep her? Its just so exciting that we get to keep our baby all the time. If YOU don't have one, then ask your mom".
I love getting all the credit! ;)

Here are some pictures of Lauren at 2 1/2 months old- she is such a sweetheart. A good sleeper, good eater, and pretty easy when she is awake. She is "adding value" (as Brian puts it) by occasionally cute. Love, love, love this girl.