Sweet Lauren Mae ...

Brian's parents had Kate and Taylor over for a spend-the-night tonight. So, we were home with little Lauren- who has become the most wiggly child ever. We took her out to dinner with us and she didn't stop moving for one second...she does not. sit. still. These pictures were taken after I fed her her last feeding- around 11 pm. She doesn't need this feeding anymore, but sometimes I just love waking her up because she's half asleep, eats great, and is so sweet and cuddly. She usually will fall asleep in my arms afterwards and there is nothing I enjoy more than holding a sleeping baby.

We had a very busy week this week. Kate is getting ready to start Kindergarten on Monday so we went school shopping. I took all three kids to the mall (brave, I know) and tried to find some non-wintery things...hello, its still 100 degrees every day in Texas. I would find something that was cute, hold it up, and ask Kate if she liked it and would wear it. Of course, she said she liked everything and would wear it all. My kids play favorites with their clothes- usually asking to wear the same 3 outfits over and over.

We had a Meet-the-Teacher night on Thursday and Kate was so excited to meet her new Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Coffey. In fact, she went right up to her and said, "Hi, my name is Kate Crofts, its nice to meet you". Fearless. She is so ready and beyond thrilled to start school. I might be more excited than she is...she's going to do great.

Taylor is starting preschool one week after Kate starts. She claims to be excited, but I'm not buying it. She is a momma's girl through-and-through and I know she's going to have a hard time in the beginning. She's become quite the mischevious one lately...I'm not quite sure how to handle that yet.

So, it will be just Lauren and I at home after school starts- at least two days a week. Wow, how nice will that be?