Notting Hill with the Bills

Our friends, the Bills, came to London and stayed with us here in our flat in St. John's Wood.  Kayla came armed with an amazing to-do list of things she wanted to see, some of which I haven't even done yet.  I loved it!  One day, we explored Kensington Gardens and then walked down our favorite street, Kensington Palace Gardens, then over to Notting Hill.  We stopped off for a late lunch at our favorite pub, the Churchill Arms- which, surprisingly, serves delicious Thai food!  Then, on to Notting Hill (my favorite London neighborhood!!) for some more sightseeing...

Old school selfie (above) and Churchill Arms (below)...aren't those flowers amazing?!?!

The most charming biscuit shop in Notting Hill that serves the most ornate sugar cookies.

Alice's Antique shop on Portobello is so cool AND may recognize it from the movie, "Paddington".

The Bills brought their 2-month old baby, Olivia, with them to London.  My girls were OBSESSED!!  And, how could you not?!  She's gorgeous and the sweetest baby.  I'm sure my girls could've held her the entire time the Bills were here and it still wouldn't have been enough.  

We just love when people come and visit because we get to be tourists in our city and we get to see it through new eyes all over again.  Love this place.  Thanks for visiting, Bills Family!!