A Baby Shower for Charity

When Elle lived with our family for a month right after moving to London (we miss you Elle!!!), we never knew it would lead to so many meaningful relationships...her aunt, Charity, moved to London about a month after Elle left and we immediately connected and got together. Charity is one of those people that just is good to her core and leaves you feeling better than she found you.  Not only has she and her husband become our great friends, but our girls ADORE them!  We were so excited when Charity's friend, Amy, asked us to host her baby shower in our home.  

Amy has the cutest and sweetest little girls (another family of 4 daughters!) and the 8 of these kids hit things off right away when they met a few months ago.  So, when they saw each other again at the shower, they picked right up where they left off.  They all (minus one of Amy's girls who was at a church activity) wrote the cutest song for Charity...when we get the video, I will have to put it up.  We were all laughing and crying a bit at how sweet it was. Man, I sure love these kids.  And those two tiny ones at the end are just too cute for words.

The shower went great.  Charity's two sisters, Saren and Saydi, were in town from the States as well.  They were the best...I loved getting to know them- two amazing mothers and people.  We also loved getting to know some other great people that live here in London and that love Charity as much as we do.  After the shower when the guests left, we all took a walk in the gorgeous sunny weather to nearby Primrose Hill for the amazing view from the top.  

These two....adorable!!

We then kept going just a bit more down the street to Camden Market to fill our hungry bellies.  Camden Market was just incredible- they had food from every exotic corner of the world in such a huge variety that it was overwhelming to try and choose!  We had some amazing falafel with hummus, fresh-made pasta, polish sausage, and butter chicken in a naan wrap- and thats just what I can remember.  It was so delicious and we cannot wait to go back.  You could have something new everyday for months!  But the best part was spending so much time with such great people!!