Lauren is 7!

This "Little Lady" turned 7 this month.  SEVEN!  I don't even know how this happened, but it did. The older my kids get, the more I realize that I cannot stop them from growing up.  But, the bonus is that there are all sorts of fun things you learn about who your child is becoming and your relationship changes as they start to see the world through older, more experienced eyes.  So, I guess I'll let the years keep's to seven glorious years (on this earth at least!) of knowing our sweet Lauren. 

Lauren was just about the sweetest baby to ever be born. She was super easy-- never cried, always smiled, ate well, didn't sleep great (but I didn't mind at the time, seeing as I was still in my resilient 20's), and always seemed happy and cuddly.  When she was 4 months old, I took her on a trip to Boston to see my BIL run the Boston Marathon and we trekked all over that city, walking, tubing, bussing, everything.  She was showing off because she was basically perfect the entire time.  I couldn't have asked for a better buddy on that very full trip. 

Things haven't changed much as far as that goes.  She's the easiest going kid with whatever comes her way. She never complains about walking for miles on our trips and pretty much goes with the flow whenever and always with a cheerful attitude.  She will be the first to pipe up with a smile and optimism when things get tough.  She's got a huge heart and will always share with anyone and she looooves to cuddle!

We decided that for the first year of birthdays that our kids celebrate in London, we would celebrate with family experiences instead of big friend parties like we have done in the past.  All Lauren wanted to do was go to Build-A-Bear Workshop (I really tried to convince her to let me take the family to see "Matilda" on Broadway), so thats what we did.  She picked out a pink bear and dressed it in a UK flag and sparkly skirt at the famous Hamley's toy store on Regent Street.  She didn't even want cake, instead opting for her favorite gelato at Gelato Mio by our house.  (I didn't get to a post about Taylor's birthday, where we all went to the Harry Potter exhibit at Warner Bros. Studios or Tessa's birthday that landed us at Royal Albert Hall for a Frozen sing-along).  

We sure love our 7-year old Little Lady Lauren!