Let's Go Bowling ...

Can you see the fear?

The girls and I (Brian) went bowling on Saturday ... haven't been in years. My valentine dates and I went to Main Event while Rachel picked up her mother (in town for Lauren's baby blessing). We had a great time, but it's probably safe to say Kate & Taylor should stick to ballerinas and barbies. Form was good--especially Taylor's, but it seemed difficult for her to stay in our lane ... she'd walk up, get ready to throw, and then step side-ways to our neighbor's lane, then throw. Definitely some confusion going on. Then Kate--she'd get a foul for stepping over the line, lose a turn, then complain about Taylor getting "two throws." Again, lots of confusion. We also did a "movie roller-coaster ride" which freaked both of them out ... I guess it felt pretty real.

Love these girls!