An Exciting New School Year

It's always exciting to start a new school year...and this one was no different.  Kate was able to switch middle schools, so her and Taylor are at the same school now here on the Upper West Side.  Once we moved to our new home at the beginning of October, Lauren switched to the elementary school we are currently zoned for, and Tessa started kindergarten at a private Catholic school in Greenwich Village.  Kate is in 8th, Taylor is in 6th, and Lauren in 4th.   We are looking forward to the learning and growth that will most certainly happen with so many new things going on around here!

The obligatory and well-loved (by Mom and Dad, at least) first day of school pics.  We are still in our old home, but moving at the end of September.


Oh my goodness- sometimes I think I may burst at how much I love these sweet girls who have embraced every bit of this crazy life we've led for the last 3 years.  They say they really love it here, so we are just going to take their word for it because there's a lot to love, but its certainly different from most of the life they've known.


Sneak peek into Tessa's first day.  She had a great time and loves telling us how her principal (Sister Diane) is married to Jesus and how cool she says that must be for her.  ;) Tessa's main teacher is fantastic and there are only 14 kids in her whole class!  They go to Mass every Friday and prayers in the chapel first thing every morning.  I love that she is being exposed to another religion and also dying over how cute she is in her uniforms.


So grateful for the new opportunities every school year brings and how much learning this crazy school system here has pushed, challenged, frustrated (almost to the point of giving up!), and made me feel settled and happy at the same time.  We love living here- all of the messy and good parts make it what it is.