Lauren is baptized!

Brian's last area on his mission put him right here on Sundays, in our church building in Manhattan.  The last baptism he performed before he went home was even right here in this font.  So, to baptize his daughter in the same font almost 20 years later was pretty special.  We are so grateful and proud that Lauren chose to be baptized on her 8th birthday- she's been looking forward to it for years!  Poppy, Grandma, Nana and Papa Crofts, and the Sedgwicks were all able to come as well.  It was so nice to have so many people there that love Lauren.  We invited the members of our ward as well, and because we have the BEST people in our ward- they came and supported Lauren in big numbers- the room was filled and there were even people sitting in the hallway.  A lot of love was felt that day.   Papa talked about baptism and Poppy spoke on the Holy Ghost.  We had our friends write their favorite scripture or spiritual advice for Lauren on little note cards for her to read later. 


Poppy coached these cute grandkids to sing "When I am Baptized" prior to the service.  Jessica was able to accompany (and being that she is a concert pianist, those girls don't even know how lucky they are!)  Poppy kept true to form, and really pushed for perfection on this one!  He's a great teacher of music.


Lauren wore the same baptism dress as Taylor, and she looked so beautiful.  I really couldn't love her anymore than I do.  The baptism was wonderful!  


We served a little bit of food afterwards.  I cannot say enough good things about the members of our ward- not only did they come out and support Lauren, but they brought a ton of food to share with everyone.  It was so nice, because what I had planned on would never have been enough.  We seriously have the BEST ward.


Lauren is such a light in our family.  She is almost zero drama and is always looking out for the needs of others.  She would give her sisters, or anyone else, the shirt off of her back if they needed it.  She has the biggest heart and always has a smile on her face.  She's been constantly coloring/painting rainbows since the moment she could draw, and its a true reflection of her inside- she is bright and happy and colorful and full of love.  My heart might burst with how much love I feel for this one, and we are so proud of her good decisions.