Portobello Road and Stuff


Oh, Portobello Road...filled with people and shops and everything in between.  If its available to buy, you can find it somewhere on The Road.  We walked the shops, saw street performers and endless Nutella crepes as well as every kind of London souvenir.  We even ventured into an antique map store that had 300 year old maps for sale (slightly out of our price range).  We ate a delicious lunch of bruschetta, hot dogs, donuts, and crepes...not necessarily all at once or in that order.  ;)  Delicious!  

On Fridays Elle had the day off of work, so one Friday we were true tourists for the day...we walked on Queen's walk along the Thames River, across the incredible Tower Bridge, and through the Tower of London.  I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to have Elle there- not only is she gorgeous, talented, super fun and great company, she is so helpful and was the best pair of extra hands a mom could ask for.  Checked some major stuff off of the London tourist to-do's today, but even before we did that...

Have you been to the oldest outdoor market in Europe?  Borough Market is brimming with every kind of fancy food your mind can imagine.  Zebra, alligator, ostrich, giraffe meat anyone?  Every kind of cheese ever invented, all kinds of fresh fruit, chocolate in all of its delicious forms, fresh smoothies and breads of all varieties (did someone mention donuts, because they have custard-filled confections from your dreams).  Yes, its a feast for the eyes and stomach.  We've been there 3 times, each time discovering something new that we have to try.  It's a London must!



We've also spent a couple of perfect FHE's in the park across from our flat.  The sun doesn't set until about 10 PM and rises before 5 each morning, so the daylight hours are most definitely not in short supply.  For FHE,  we played soccer and then next week had Kate and Taylor each teach a lesson .  Surrounded by a wonderful London neighborhood, the setting sun, a perfectly overgrown cemetery, flanked on all sides by trees, and the green grass...life is so good.


This Italian restaurant/cafe/shop/bakery is at the bottom of our apartment building.  We spent many nights here using their free wi-fi before we had our own internet.  Already nostalgic about this charming place on the corner of our block.