Time for a Little DDR

Yep, its taking over. DDR is one of our new favorite games- its seriously fun, and can be pretty addicting. Our good friends, the Shumways, just got the game so our nights usually end with a little friendly competition. You can feel the intensity just looking at this picture. Amy usually kills all of us, but its still fun to try. Maury (Povich) tries to throw his sweet Latin moves in there with his footwork, but forgets that you don't get extra points for swaying your hips like Shakira. Too bad.

On another note, we've also taken up a "small" interest in Guitar Hero- an equally fun and addicting game. Don't worry- we have dedicated ourselves to reading the scriptures for equally as long as we play both games. :)

Our kids usually get somewhat neglected as their parents are called to a little DDR competition- hence, the picture of Taylor. This is how we found her, in between rounds. Completely in the buff, but then again, so was her baby.