Easter at Star Creek

Our neighborhood had their annual Easter Party/Spring Fling today. It was gorgeous outside and the girls (all three!) had fun. The party started with a barrel train ride- Kate is giving a "thumbs up" to this one- they had so much fun on this that they rode it twice! There was an Easter bunny on the premises which provided some entertainment for the kids. You'll notice the picture with Kate and Taylor sitting on the ground listening to some sort of funny story/magic show which ended in the unveiling of a real-live bunny. This was followed by an Easter egg hunt in the park nearby. The party organizers had placed a ton of eggs in the park and some very nice people were kind enough to empty all of the eggs when no one was watching and so when the kids had their turn to find some loot, they were met with empty eggs. Classy.

Lauren is 3 months old and we are having so much fun with her. Most of you will already know this, but I'll explain myself: Kate and Taylor are just under 16 months apart. That certainly made the first 3 years of parenthood crazy, to say the least. While we definitely enjoyed it, both Kate and Taylor were very difficult babies- I'll spare you the details. Then, you consider that Kate was born with two birth defects which required an incredible amount of extra care for the first year of her life and well, life was a bit of a blur for a few years there. Hence, the large span of time in between my first two and Lauren. Then, we were blessed (and maybe earned it just a little bit :) ) with a very easygoing baby who requires almost nothing besides the regular feedings, baths, and laying down for naps. Brian and I are loving every minute of it- we don't take one moment of her sweetness for granted. Life is good. (I guess I should point out that I don't even mind when I'm used as a spit rag- as noted in the last picture...good timing with the camera!)