Hanging with Tessa

After our Dead Sea trip with the Breinholts, Brian was dying to get away to this magical place one more time. So, he and Tessa made the drive back down again, but this time to the Qmran area. This is also where the Dead Sea scrolls were found so there are some really interesting archeological digs in the area to explore.


Lots of hiking in and around the Dead Sea and even some long-term campers right on this beach :)


You can see that the entrances to the water here are less “groomed” than the Masada area and perhaps its a good idea that Tessa kept her shoes on for entry…all I see is salt rocks and I’m thinking how much it would hurt to walk on this!


The water here is so gorgeous! There were also some freshwater pools surrounding this area, where you could wash the salt off. Tessa met and talked with these two campers for a minute while she rinsed. She thought it was Mary and Joseph, from the scriptures! Can’t say I blame her :)


Tessa and Brian also did a little bit of hiking and said it was the best time. If you asked Tessa what her favorite thing to do is, she would tell you it is hiking and that its always worth it! Love her.


Despite the long drive to get to Qmran, these two had such a great time and were so glad they went on their adventure together.