Spring Break, Florida Pt. 2

We spent the better part of an entire day at St. Andrew's State Park, right down the street from our beach house.  It was gorgeous water and perfect white sand.  The kids had a ton of fun jumping off of the sand bank and measuring who nabbed the longest leap.  We also rented a paddle board, which provided a TON of fun and even some hilarious attempts at surfing.  

These 3 girls are the best of friends and spent lots of time together.  Also, lots of pictures of Jane...because she's so cute.

Pretty sure Caleb nabbed the first prize for longest jump.

Ha!  I love that my dad is always up for a little challenge.  The cousins (and adults) were cracking up so hard to see him up on the board.  

We drove down to Rosemary Beach one day to grab a delicious and indulgent breakfast at the Donut Hole Cafe.  We explored Rosemary Beach for just a little bit--that place has become so popular that its lost a little bit of its appeal, to be honest.  It was totally packed.  Despite that, Brian and I rented bikes and pedaled around for a bit, with Hannah and Tessa in tow.  We rode all over Rosemary and then our favorite, Alys Beach.  So pretty.

The girl cousins spent a few hours on the last two days setting up a really impressive lemonade stand on the beach.  They had Poppy buy them lemonade powder at the Dollar Store (legitimately his favorite place to shop) and they made signs and set up shop right on the beach in front of our house.  Unfortunately for them, the area we were staying was pretty sparsely populated so they didn't have many customers.  But, they had a lot of fun planning and setting it up.

Our farewell picture below...this is our group for the week and we had SOOOO much fun together.  My kids have asked to have a repeat of this trip every year.  I agree.