Happy Halloween UWS!

Halloween is a totally different experience in NYC.  I remember growing up, it was a competition between my siblings to see who could get the most as well as the best variety of candy- we would end up with what seemed like hundreds of pieces at the end of the night.  Thats definitely not the case here in the city.  You may get just enough candy to last you the week, but the getting it is way more of an adventure.   This year was even more variant because, for the first time, Kate and Taylor didn't go with us at all!  They were out with their friends for the evening and we missed them a lot.  But, we got to enjoy our two babies - which is pretty fun too!  We trick-or-treated along all the shops on Columbus- the shopkeepers have bowls of candy that they hand out once the kids come inside.  Its seriously so cool to just walk up and down the street filled with other littles in their Halloween costumes.


Lauren and Tessa both wanted to be superheroes this year- Superwoman and Wonder Woman!!  I'm liking this theme...,


working our way down Columbus to the famous 69th street Halloween decorations...


Our neighborhood feels like a small community on Halloween especially because everyone is on Columbus and 69th street, so you run into so many friends all night long


No one does Halloween like 69th street- it is nuts!  You can't trick or treat at the brownstones until after its dark, but the street is filled with onlookers admiring the outrageously cool Halloween decor.


These girls are just as excited to see and hang out with their friends as they are to load up on candy :) . And I'm really grateful that our house is no longer filled with 20 pounds of post-Halloween sugar.


It was a chilly night, so we stopped for a quick hot cocoa to warm up


The nicest residents also stand outside and hand out candy...such a different, but totally fantastic experience for these kids.   Once it gets dark out, we usually head over to a friend's building and let the kids run wild going from door to door inside.  The people who have candy leave signs on their doors, so you know exactly where to knock and not to.  Taylor ended up getting really sick and had to head home early, so I left Lauren and Tessa to finish up with Brian and helped her at home.  She just had a quick bug and was better the next day.

We love Halloween and the neighborhood feel it brings, even in this huge city!