Big Sur, CA

Brian spent a couple of weeks in beautiful California for work all the way back in January.  We sure missed him while he was gone...California is REALLY far away from London and we feel it when he's there.  I'm glad he got some sunshine and warm weather though and we can't complain about seeing all of the pictures of the beautiful places he was able to visit on the weekend.  Brian also got to visit his sister, Nicole, and her cute family in Scotts Valley and they all enjoyed a fun dinner together.  For how little we get to see family, it really is so nice when we get the chance.  

While away, Brian came down with "walking" pneumonia. Which meant he had to cancel his weekend ski trip and reduce it to walking around the beach when too bored to lay around in a hotel. 

When Brian made it back home, I planned a fun little surprise birthday date for the both of us (his birthday was on the 20th and he didn't get home until the 22nd).  I gave him a post code to meet me for dinner on Friday after work.  We ate the yummiest dinner at Nopi, a middle-eastern restaurant in good!  Then, I surprised him with tickets to see "Wicked" on broadway afterwards. I really am so grateful for such a sweet, loving husband and father who is one of the most driven people I know.  It was a great night to celebrate one year older....and definitely wiser too! 

Because Brian was gone on his birthday, each of the girls made these cute videos for him.  I sent one to his phone every couple of hours so his birthday could last ALL day long. :)