My 12-Year-Old Trip (Taylor)

When we turn twelve in our family, our dad takes us on a father/daughter trip. I chose Utah for my trip because I had never skied before and I wanted to go to the BYU store 😂. We stayed in the Sundance mountain resort for a little less than a week.


Luckily, there was a cafe next to the ski lift so I could occasionally have some hot chocolate and lunch breaks… yum! What I call the perfect balance is catching a snowflake on my tongue and then sipping hot chocolate.


We went down to Park City for a little bit and just hiked and explored. I loved looking at all the different colored homes in the snow. And with my warm coat, I loved jumping into piles of snow because it was like a cloud that you could eat.

We hiked through the Sundance Resort, just exploring around the winter wonderland.

We hiked through the Sundance Resort, just exploring around the winter wonderland.

We got some snowshoes and trekked through a trail that looked over Mount Timpanogos. Everything coated with a fresh layer of snow is just beautiful up in the mountains.


I also brought a camera so I could snap some pictures as well. Also, we stayed in my Grandma Becky and Poppy’s cabin, which was so much fun. A big cabin all to ourselves! My dad made the best food, especially his famous quesadillas... mmmmmm.

My dad was asked to speak in a class at BYU for business stuff (I don’t really know 😂). I’m sure I fit right in!

Then we explored around the BYU campus, got some delicious food (Chick-Fil-A and a BYU donut) and ate at the Wilkinson Student Center, where I also got to go to the BYU Store!!

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