Cotwolds & Oxford with the Bells

I can't really explain in words how excited I was to have my twin sister visit!!  Rebecca and Christian came all the way from Utah to see us here in London (they also went to Paris and Edinburgh during their visit).  We saw and did and ate a lot- a perfect vacation (or staycation, in our case).  One of the highlights of their time here was our visit to the Cotswolds.  We've been to the Cotswolds before, but always had a goal of getting back because there are small, charming towns there in abundance and you have to see them all.  We saved our favorite for this trip though, because, as you can see below, Bourton-on-the-Water was incredible.  Is this place even real?? The village had a gorgeous, duck-filled, flag-topped canal full of quaint bridges that was so picturesque.   

Someone lives in this home above, and below...amazing!

Christian is getting instructions on where to buy scones with clotted cream and jam. Also amazing.

I recently cut my hair short (the hard water in London has not been kind to me) and my kids were confusing me all of the time for Rebecca, who has had shorter hair for a long time.  

Christian had his fill of Cadbury chocolate and Hob-knobs while he was here (this was after he loaded up for the day).  If you want to know how delicious these things are, you'll just have to visit and come see for yourself!  

Kate and I left for London, so we could get her home for a party.  The rest of the crew headed to Oxford for a few hours.

We sure loved having the Bells here for a few days...we stayed up way too late talking, ate way too much chocolate and Rebecca and I had some nice girl-bonding it was pretty much perfect!