Happy 4th from the UWS

A few friends from church planned a 4th of July parade and get-together right here in Central Park.  We all brought food to share and then had the kids wear their best red, white and blue, as well as decorate their bikes/scooters/strollers in the festive colors.  We all ate, hung out, talked and then it was time for the parade to begin!  It was made much more legitimate by the balloon arches as well as the American flags and streamers that my deeply creative friend, Lesley, brought over for the morning.

I'm really grateful for moms who are creative and love to throw parties---I am not the most creative.  They brought popsicles and tattoos for the kids too.

The Fourth is such a fun holiday-- I love that we got to celebrate it with so many friends and in such a beautiful park.  The kids had so much fun...the highlight was definitely the dads who let the kids throw water balloons at them for the finale (they were armed with small water guns, to be fair).