Taylor's Tea Party

For Taylor's 3rd Birthday we had a girly, girly Tea Party (gosh, it seems like we were posting about her second birthday just yesterday)!  It was alot of (crazy) fun. The girls each painted a piece from Taylor's Tea Set, played "Pin the Lid on the Teapot", ate sandwiches, ran around...a lot, and then had a teapot-shaped cupcake cake.  

I will probably say this every year, but I cannot believe how fast time passes and how much older my little babies are getting!  Taylor is just so sweet...well, most of the time.  She's so cuddly, loveable, easy-going, and always armed with a smile.  Seriously, I could look at this first picture all day long...I really cannot get enough of my buggity-boo. Happy 3rd Birthday Taylor-po!