11 Girls, 2 Ponies, One Trampoline, Pizza and Cake always make for a fun 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday to our not-so-little LoveBUG!!

Kate turned 4 at the beginning of June and requested a Horsey Party...so, thanks to Nana and Papa, her wish was granted! We invited all of Kate's good friends as well as some pretty cute ponies- one of which was pulling a real carriage! The girls started by decorating a foam cowgirl boot with stickers, followed by a crazy time (imagine eleven 3 and 4 year olds) jumping on the tramp and then well, the best part- RIDING THE PONIES!! Once the horses arrived, the girls would not let them out of their sight. I gave each girl a bandana upon arrival so they were all cowgirled up and ready to ride. After the horses left, we had pizza and a cute horse-shaped cupcake cake. I just asked Kate what her favorite part of the day was and this was her list: 1. The Carriage 2. The Horsey 3. The Cupcakes 4. All of my friends 5. My presents. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. We Love You Kate!

P.S. more pictures to come ...