Halloween in NYC!

Our first Halloween in NYC was pretty awesome.  We had some really cold weather for a day or two and then it warmed up again right around the 31st.  It was perfect to walk around outside in.  69th Street is kind of famous for its Halloween decorations, so we walked up and down, weaving in and out of huge crowds and seeing tons of people from church.  It made our side of town feel like a really small neighborhood- I loved it.  The brownstones were unbelievably decorated- so much so, that they take donations to help offset the cost of it!

My two littler super heroes...love them so much.


Halloween is sort of becoming a week-long holiday with parties to go to well in advance of the actual day.  With my affinity for chocolate, I am not complaining.  Tessa had the cutest Halloween party at our church with her little friends where they played games and ate lots of yummy food.  Then, we had our ward's trunk or treat in our building a couple of nights later.  Seeing as almost no one in our ward actually owns cars, we used the different rooms in the building as our "homes".  Brian and I signed up to man one of the doors and we pulled together some last-minute decorations. It ended up looking really cute (and spooky!).  I wish we would've snapped a pic.  I think the kids went around at least 6 times each and then gave up because we had tons of candy left over.  Again, not complaining. ;) 

Below are the pictures from 69th street, which had been blocked off for the night.  It was so fun to people/costume watch!

After exploring 69th, we went to a friend's building with a few families and went trick-or-treating inside.  This was a new experience for us because it was all indoors.  Families who would like to have trick-or-treaters sign up ahead of time and post a note on their door so you know exactly who has candy and who doesn't.  It makes it pretty easy and definitely safer!  The kids had a ton of fun running around with their friends up and down floors collecting candy.  What a fun first NYC Halloween!