Rachel here...Can I tell you how happy I was to be back in America??? We seriously are so lucky to live in a country where you can trust the medical care and feel so safe in their hands! :)

I went to two doctors on Thursday. It turns out that I have an infection on the road rash on my foot. Ugh. But, I'm on some antibiotics and I return on Monday to see how serious and exactly what type of infection it is. The obvious road block here is that I'm pregnant, which greatly affects the type of medicine that I am able to take. They took the stitches out in my knee, but because the damage is on a joint, it will take more time to heal as I'm moving it and bending it (albeit, very little) all the time.

Both my knee and ankle are very swollen and the skin is still so raw, making it extremely painful to walk right now. But, I know it will get better soon. The doctor told me that I would be able to walk normally in about 3 weeks. I appreciate all of your thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers, of course...Brian is going to post some great pics of Mexico soon so keep looking!