Fun Weekend with Rebecca

Rebecca came into town for the weekend and we had such a fun time. The usual happened...a trip to Potbelly's, Sprinkles, the mall, the gym, Saturday morning run, lunch with her old BYU roommate and my neighbor, Sheree, and eating some more yummy food at Paciugo and Grimaldi's. It was so fun to meet Amelia, who was born 10 weeks to the day after Lauren...such a cute baby.

Brian took Kate and Taylor to get their hair cut over the weekend as well- a summer chop! The girls love their new "do's" and it sure makes bathing them a lot easier.

Taylor woke up the morning Rebecca left and cried when she realized she had already gone home! I love having Rebecca around- she is my best friend and we can just sit around and talk all day long...thanks, Christian and Oliver for letting us borrow her and Amelia for a few days!