Happy Birthday Kate ... 5 Years Old!

I have a FIVE year old...crazy. I cannot believe how quickly the past five years have gone by. Kate wanted a swimming party this year with a Hello Kitty cake. The party was scheduled for her actual birthday, June 2, but we woke up that morning to pouring rain, lightning and thunder. So, with Kate's help, we decided to cancel that day and reschedule for two days later. When June 4 rolled around, she insisted that she wasn't five yet and that this year she was going to have TWO June Seconds. You can't turn five without a host of friends to make it happen in true party style, right? What a fun two days!

Funny story: This Sunday, Kate wanted to get up in church and bear her testimony. We've been talking about it at home during FHE and even practicing a little. We told her she would have to get up there and do it herself...no mom or dad whispering in her ear! Well, she got Brian to take her up to the stand and she went first. All you could see was her cute little head over the podium and she just stood there, breathing SOOO hard into the mike. I waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity for her to say something. Finally, she turned right around and sat back down without a word. After she returned to where I was sitting...this was our conversation:

Kate: Mom, I'm just really shy up there.
Me: You were so brave to go up...I'm so proud of you
Kate: I think I'll be able to do it when I'm six.