Utah Summer

These pictures are a VERY small taste of our Utah summer.  Rebecca and Christian generously let us stay with them in their home for an entire month during July...how nice is that?!?!  Brian had to stay in NYC and work for the better part of the month, but came out just in time for our Jewkes Family Reunion. The girls and I went out early July so that Lauren and Amelia could go to BYU gymnastics camp, and Taylor and Kate could go with Oliver to BYU soccer camp.  They had been looking forward to this for months and the time had finally come.  Kate and Taylor stayed on campus, but Lauren just spent the day and was picked up at night.  So we got them all checked in on Monday morning with all of their stuff in their dorms (which was really cool because they stayed in Helaman Halls- where I lived my first year at BYU).  After dropping the younger girls at gymnastics, we grabbed some lunch and headed back to Holladay, where Rebecca lives.  Rebecca and I had a lot of fun working out together almost every morning at her gym near her house.  It always throws people way off to see two adults look so much alike after they've really only met one of them.  Tons of staring and questions- its entertaining.  

We went back to Provo that evening to get Lauren and Amelia and hear all about their first day!  They had a great time and were so excited to tell us everything they'd eaten (lots of sugar when no one is there to limit your intake!) and all they had learned.  It was a great week for all of the girls at their respective camps and they were tired and grateful to have been able to attend.  However, it wasn't so great for Oliver, who ended up breaking his wrist on the morning of day 1, and then had to forfeit his spot at camp.  We all felt so bad for him!!

The remaining weeks at the Bells were spent seeing some of the SLC sights as well as a lot of time in their fun backyard playing- we even snuck in a tough hike one afternoon up Alta with a few people from her ward, as well as Dagmar and her kids.  The girls had a TON of fun having non-stop cousin time.  From the get-go, Caroline had a hard time telling Rebecca and I apart, and it was (selfishly) really great to have a sweet little toddler to help take care of.  She's the cutest- even in her swimsuit that she wears all day every day.  ;) Look at that cute face...


We spent a lot of time outside- swinging in the hammock, running around, playing on the trampoline and kicking a soccer ball around.  The kids put together a cookie and lemonade stand one of the days and had the best time selling and making some money.  The Bells also organized and took us camping up near Alta one night over the weekend.  The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be outside and in the mountains- love the fresh mountain air and the smells of camping.   We made tinfoil dinners and roasted s'mores over the fire.  The next morning, despite a non-working generator, Christian pulled off pancakes over the fire too.    

Right before we left, the Bells bought a dog- which was really fun for them and for our kids as well.  


Once more family got in town, and before the reunion, we all went up to Sundance to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in the mountains- such a gorgeous setting!  The show was great and we a great time altogether.  


Can't wait for our family reunion to begin!  Our girls had the time of their lives living with their Bell cousins and I am so grateful for Rebecca and Christian opening up their home and not once making us feel like we had worn out our welcome.