The Breinholts in Town

Good friends are the best! We met the Breinholts when we lived on the Upper West Side…we were practically neighbors because we lived on the same block (76 and CPW). Our kids not only went to the same elementary school, but most lined up in ages as well. Thats a recipe for fun. So, when we moved to Tel Aviv, we were so sad to say goodbye to this family right here and then we were so so excited when they told us that they were coming to Tel Aviv on their way out of the city (they recently moved back to their home state of Arizona). What made this visit even better is that we managed to keep it a secret from our kids for the entire time it was planned. Our girls just knew Jason and Deborah were coming, but that the kids wouldn’t be able to. And, their kids (some of whom were in daily contact with Taylor and Lauren) were tightlipped about all of it too! On Thursday night, when Jason and Deborah came up to our apartment after a long flight, we were all so happy to see them and then a couple of minutes later, a knock on the door and then this happened…

It was so fun to have these friends reunited. Especially for our kids, who have been missing friends so much since leaving the city.


We stayed up wayyy too late talking and catching up. The next day was a slower day where we all slept in and played on the beach here in Tel Aviv. On Saturday we got up early to attend church in the BYU Jerusalem Center together. This is a magical place to show friends and family- the views, the feelings, the entire place is just something else.


After church, we took some pictures out on the lawn overlooking the Old City. It was really really cold.


We love their kids not only because they’re so great, but they have so much fun hanging out and playing (til the wee hours of the morning, even) with our girls. The entire week was pretty much a non-stop party.


After church, we headed to the Garden of Gethsemane. Probably the most special place in all of Jerusalem and what’s more is that the flowers were blooming and everything had greened up spectacularly. I love these red poppies (which I later learned are the actual Lilies of the Field).


Some scenes (below) from our Friday beach day. Deborah and I went on a gorgeous run all the way to Jaffa and back and then met these crazy swimsuit-clad kids on the beach in front of our building. It was chilly out, but they were intent on getting in the water no matter what. And they did. We also played several rounds of family-style volleyball (no spiking, catching the ball and then lobbing it over, etc) so everyone could do it and we all had so much fun.


Ok, this doesn’t really resemble the actual game of volleyball. But, its almost better because everyone can play no matter the age. We just had the best time playing for hours on the beach.


Stayed tuned for more from our week with the Breinholts…