Up in the Air

I could kiss this girl's squishy neck all day long...its so edible.

The weather was so amazing tonight (75 degrees) so we took a family stroll through the neighborhood. The girls rode their bike and scooter and we stayed outside and enjoyed the perfect climate for as long as we could. Hot Texas summers are just days away and the only time you can stand to be outside is on your walk to the pool....seriously, its uncomfortable.

So, these are the pics that Brian posted. In the last one, he thought he was so funny taking pics of me nursing Lauren...nice.

By the way, Lauren had her 4-month checkup this past week and she's in the 90th percentile for height and 20th for weight at a mere 11 lb. 14 oz. We need to get some meat on her bones! At the doctor's request, I started supplementing with baby food but she wants nothing to do with it...go figure. I swear the most stressful part of having a baby is teaching them to eat food...