Manhattan 1st Ward Christmas Pageant

Our ward put on the most magical Christmas pageant ever this year.  Our bishop and his wife organized and put it on, and assigned parts to all of the primary kids that wanted to participate.  The moms bought gorgeous matching feather wings so the girls matched, and then had gold tinsel for all of their halos- it was the perfect touch as they really sparkled up there.  They also wore their own white dresses and it turned out so pretty.  Lauren was a shepherd as well, with her staff and robes.  We have the BEST group of primary kids.   Everyone looked great and the little ones were all so reverent as the narrators (Taylor and two of her friends) spoke and they all sang about the birth of Christ.

After the pageant, typical Israeli food was catered to our building and we all sat on blankets on the floor and ate together.  It was really a unique and lovely Christmas party that definitely brought the true reason we celebrate this season into focus.


The Wise Men ascending the stage.   There is the best little boy, Henry, in our ward that walks with the aid of a walker.  He's been working really hard on getting around without the assistance of it as much as possible.   This was one of the first opportunities that he'd had to walk on his own in front of the ward, and it was such a sweet moment for everyone.  


The angelic angel narrators- Ellie, Taylor and Lauren


This was such a special and well-done Christmas party--huge thanks to our bishop and his wife for pouring themselves into making sure it turned out as gorgeous as it was.  I just can't get over how lucky we are to live in a place where people give so much of themselves for the benefit of others- our ward family is the best.