Washington Square Park

We had this stretch of really nice and warm weather in February.  We let ourselves think that maybe we were done with winter...but it was just a tease, and there were still a few months of frigid winter up NYC's sleeve.  But, we enjoyed it while it lasted!  We ventured out to one of my favorite parts of the city on this unusually warm Saturday.  Washington Square Park is always busy and full of performers and street artists, making it a really fun place to people watch and let the kids run wild on the two fun playgrounds there.  Its also in a beautiful area- right by NYU and flanked by beautiful old homes and lots of yummy restaurants.  Can't forget the gorgeous Washington Square Arch too- reminds us of Marble Arch in London.

If you look closely, you'll notice there is a patch of dark hair in the back of my head.  Funny story (I can laugh about it now, but I was crying at the time).  Taylor was playing with my hair one night and I wasn't paying close attention as she wrapped and twisted my hair around her comb.  Apparently she thought this wasn't a big deal...until the comb wouldn't come out!  Once we realized the mistake, we tried for over an hour to get it out- cutting the comb down to tiny bits, but still no luck in getting any hair loosened from its gnarly grip!  Finally, we just had to cut my hair.  For a person with really thin hair, this wasn't easy.  The hair has since grown back, but for a while, I just had this awesome haircut going on. ;)

Who's taking a picture of who???  ;) Walking around Greenwich Village always delights.

We stopped to grab a treat at Milk after walking around for a couple of hours.


I love that my older girls are getting to an age where they are really fun to talk to and even tease sometimes.  Kate is the best sport and is really great and laughing at herself and not taking things too seriously.  She's really so fun.


Love this city and love these girls and who they are becoming.