Sisters weekend - NYC food Tour

I have six sisters, which is pretty much the best thing EVER--especially since we are all older now and in the same stage of life- with lots of kids and life experiences to share with each other.  There is nothing better than spending time with my six best friends!  So, when my oldest sister, Jennefer, planned a last-minute birthday trip to NYC and two of my other sisters decided to join, I knew it was a recipe for an awesome weekend.

One of the highlights was this Greenwich Village Food Tour we did altogether.  The weather was amazing, so we walked around outside tasting some of the best food and hearing some really cool history for 4 hours around the most charming village in NYC.  We ate famous Joe's pizza, Faccio's arancini balls, Milk & Cookies oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, O & Co. truffle oil popcorn, Murray's gourmet cheese boards, meatballs, eggplant parmigiana and Rocco's cannolis, to name a few.  All of which is pretty much my perfect day, but then you combine it with good company, great weather and my favorite part of NYC, and its a recipe for amazingness.  Highly recommend (thanks Paige Holder for the tip)!

Brian came with us on the tour, but he was more interested in pictures than food...story of my life. ;) I really love the pictures he gets, but I do NOT like being in all of the pictures in the moment.  But, really I am so grateful that he's passionate about it.


We ate the BEST eggplant parmigiana at this Italian restaurant- Rafele's.  The sauce was absolutely incredible, so I asked if I could purchase a jar of it on our way out (the chef is a famous Food Network competition winner) and he personally came out and gifted me a jar to take home!  Such a fun memory and so generous of him.


Its hard to not eat great when you're in NYC, but when the door is littered with Zagat stickers, you know you've hit a good one.  Ate really delicious meatballs here at Trattoria on Bleecker Street.


Most of these homes in the Village are as old as our nation's history....and absolutely stunning.  

Everyone needs a mid-chew picture in their life, right?!? ;)   (thanks brian!)

Jenn and my sisters stayed in the Times Square Marriott and had a view of the lights of Times Square- it was Emily's first time here and it was a really magical place to stay.  So glad they nabbed that view.  I just had the best weekend with them- we stayed up way too late, ate waaaay too much, walked until we got blisters (par for the course), celebrated Jenn's birthday and laughed until we cried.  A few of them even lucked out with Hamilton tickets.  I love making memories with my sisters!