Goodbye, My Trusty Old Companion...

Oh....Friday was a sad day. I had to say goodbye to this lovely thing after our wonderful 6 months together. Now, before you judge- I actually needed it for the first couple of months and thats how long I was supposed to have it. But, the city only issues these stickers in 6-month increments and so I got a few extra months of great parking and wonderful access to the most crowded shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, and well, any other venue with a parking lot. It didn't hurt that I was pregnant at the time and since January, I've been 3-deep in kids, which should be warrant enough for close parking anyway, right? On a lighter note...I actually had two people on two different occasions stop and ask me if I really had a sticker to park in handicapped spaces and that was when I was hobbling around!

You will be missed!

Wondering how I got one? Just click here