I know this is the lamest post ever, but I just found these pics of Kate and Taylor in all of their Halloween glory! So, since my family asked about it, I will post these for them. Kate was Dorothy and Taylor was officially a lamb, but ocassionally sported this lovely Snow White get-up. And the donuts, well, lets just say it is the Crofts' latest favorite treat and since there is a donut shop on every corner here, this works out great for us. Brian and I did a 9-mile run on this particular morning and then were starving, so we effectively cancelled out our workout after downing at least a dozen donuts between the 4 of us. Yum.

Taylor (aka Snow White) just finished a chocolate-covered donut. You've gotta zoom in on this pic- she looks had and she only ate one! :)

Mommy got fun one day and let the girls finger-paint. They had a blast.