We're moving to NYC!

It's been such a whirlwind these past couple of months; ending our time in London, transitioning back to the States, and now getting ready for our move to the Big Apple. It's still weeks before we'll be settled, but for now we're excited with our decision and look forward to our new adventure in another big city. 

We leave for NYC tomorrow. We've found a really cool place in the Upper West Side of Manhattan- our new space will be small, but the area is one of our very favorites. We are a couple blocks from school, church, Levain, and Trader Joes :) - and Central Park is just down the street too. We've found a school for Lauren and Tessa, and our first item of business on Tuesday is finding a place for Kate. Everything has moved so fast, and we are really grateful for how most of the logistics have really just fallen into place.  Even though we were heartbroken to leave London, we really feel like this is where we are supposed to be for now.

Brian is excited to start his new job, working at a startup near Wall St.  Ever since serving his mission in NYC, its always been a dream of Brian's to live in this amazing place with his family, and now he's getting the chance.   

Love this city ... so excited to call it home!