Jewkes in NYC + Month of August

My brother, Beau, his wife, Amy and their 3 cute boys stayed in NYC for the entire month of August and I cannot even tell you how nice it was to have family here.  Not just ANY family, but this family right here...


They are so much fun to hang out and talk with--and their boys are so cute and really hilarious.   We saw them almost every single day and it still wasn't enough time.  It gave me a tease of what it might be like to have dear family live so close and made me excited to imagine it happening permanently (crossing fingers now!). 


It feels like we did a ton of cool outings and ate even more good food, but we had a few magical picnics in Central Park while they were here.  The weather was pretty perfect, so we'd stay out for a few hours and let the kids run wild around on the grass.  Christian has to be watched like a hawk- he disappeared once and when we saw him again, he was actually pooping under a tree!   Beau cleaned it up good, but it was really funny and also one of those eek! moments.   We visited the Museum of the City of New York one day, which was really delightful- followed by cupcakes at the Little Red Hen-yum! We also walked/ate our way through Greenwich Village and Chelsea with friends, Lizzie Davis and Mary Staples.   That was such a fun day that I could do on repeat most anytime.


Their little baby, Wes, is the cutest kid around.  We couldn't get enough of his chubby cheeks and sweet demeanor.  Love this baby boy, almost as much as his mom and dad do.


Popsicles on the lawn with Grandma Becky, who visited with Poppy at the end of August.  This was on a hot day in Central Park.   Love Wes's laser focus on Tessa's popsicle.  Looks like his hard work paid off in the end...hard to resist that cute face.


We love walking around the fountains and people watching.  This time, there were a couple of guys with huge yellow Burmese pythons that they put on Tenny- he looked absolutely terrified and fascinated at the same time...LOL


So so happy that we got to spend so much of the last month with family that we love so much.   Please move here Beau and Amy!!!