Taylor as a Werewolf...

Every year at the girls' school, the 4th graders put on a big play for the entire school and their families.   The students and teachers talk about it almost from the the first day of school, excitement mounts, a script is chosen and the tryouts and rehearsing begin.  The title this year was "We Are Monsters", and it was just about the cutest thing you've ever heard.  Taylor got a short solo, as well as the part of a werewolf.  The other characters were vampires, gargoyles, an oozy loompa (a slimy girl monster) and just regular old humans. ;) It was an adorable play about monsters wanting to be taken more seriously by the local humans.  The songs were so clever and well-written and stayed in all of our heads for weeks on end.  I'm pretty sure this top-notch production might be the highlight of Taylor's entire school career.  She just had the absolute best time with it.

Taylor howling like a werewolf during her solo part ;)  There was a literal ARMY of amazing mothers who put makeup on all 150 kids 3 times...in less than one hour!  They chose these fun costumes and let the kids keep them afterwards.  And, they did the best job transforming the stage.  Their amazing music teacher taught the kids the songs as well as the dance moves- and you could tell they all loved it!

We loved watching every minute of it.  I cannot wait to see what Lauren's class will do in a couple of years!  We are so proud of Taylor for working so hard and for her teachers and the moms of her classmates for going above and beyond.  What a fun night!

Link to full video:  https://vimeo.com/161903162. Taylor's solo is around the 23 min mark.