Holly's Salsa

Nope, not that kind! haha

As for my debut to this blog I was waiting for something to inspire me and this recipe definitely does. I grew up loving this salsa my best friends mom made every summer and finally got the recipe from her this summer as part of our wedding present. I think its the perfect mix between watery and chunky salsa and has a splendid mix of flavors. It's simple too :)

2 qts tomatoes pureed (she uses the ones she bottles from her garden- fancy)
3-4 fresh tomatoes- chopped/food processor
red, green, orange and yellow bell peppers 1 of each- chopped/food processor
1/3 of medium red onion chopped fine
2/3 of a bunch cilantro chopped
3 avocados chopped into chunks
1 can of Ortega whole green chilis chopped
2 tbsp of jalapenos (ortega diced) - add more if you like it spicy
juice of 2 limes
salt and pepper to taste

makes 4 quarts approximately