Teaching Experience

Some of my favorite images ... class registration :)

We held the classes in a community center central to the rural villages. By teaching remote, the women were able dedicate three days without the distractions of being in the village. 

Here, we were met by Mr. Mohan from one of the local NGOs we partnered with to help deliver the course--and to help connect us to the local women entrepreneurs. 

Final Instruction from Amit (Connecting Dreams Foundation)

Thousand of miles away but feeling right at home as we get ready for the teaching phase of our experience. The Indian culture of celebration and ceremony were welcoming and a lot of fun--we all seemed to enjoy the flowers around our necks and the paint on our face. 

"TEAM C" Classrooms were held in tents that were set up especially for us. An unique experience for all of us.  

Our college student translator, Ashish (right) not only helped us communicate with Hindi speaking entrepreneurs--he got the ball rollin'