views from the west - summer vacation

View of Heber Valley from Midway--atop Memorial Hill. A beautiful spot that gave us a 360 degree of this incredible valley. The girls had been talking about horses all week. They were beyond thrilled to watch a real rodeo. They were instantly enamored with the idea of being cowgirls. We might be taking a few lessons when we get back to Texas--or maybe we'll just get them a stuffed animal and put on Spirit. In between the Crofts family reunion and our trip to the Idaho Cabin/Yellowstone, we had a fantantasic Counsin's Camp and Jewkes Family Renuion. Unfortuntately, I didn't take too many pictures with my bigger camera, but I did Instagram quite a bit #jewkesfamily2013. Yellowstone/Idaho: One of only three bison we saw while in Yellowstone and he wouldn't smile. BUST. Back to the cabin. Tessa dominated the tire swing--fighting everyone for it to be her turn again. We had a quiet, relaxing time at the old A-frame cabin Rachel's grandfather built. It was fun for all of us to experience many of her old memories and experiences she had while visiting this place many times over many childhood summers. Rachel explaining to Tessa that she has to take turns. Our last stop before making the 23+ hour drive back to Texas was Teton Lake Lodge. I could not get over the beauty of this place. Here was the view from the lobby:

case beckham

Thank you to the Beckham's, our friends--and examples, for letting me play a small role in your special day. I will never forget it. I hope I was able to document & capture at least a part of the spirit of hope and love that we all felt throughout the service--and days after. Our testimony of Christ and God's Plan is that much stronger and brighter.

You can contribute to the "Case Beckham Donation Fund" and read about Case's story HERE.

learning from the best . workshop by fer juaristi

Fer introduced himself as someone who wants to be known as a good father, a good friend, and a good photographer--in that order. He had my attention the rest of the day.

I have admired Fer's work for a while, I now admire Fer the guy.

Fer has an incredible ability to see light and to love people--it's authentic, and it's represented in all his work; you can see the connection. Very impressive.

I was able to grab a few shots from the workshop--mostly from the side of or hovering over Fer as he set-up the shot. The more important purpose that day was to watch & listen--to learn Fer's approach and to leave inspired. Mission accomplished.

Light, composition, and a moment - even in a parking garage or mud puddle.