We went boating this afternoon with Nana and Papa on their boat. I don't think Kate's smile faded the entire time, or at least not until she passed out on the way home. Papa let her drive the boat "all by herself" and she was in heaven. Taylor could not be found without her sunglasses- she had the rockstar personality to go with the look too. She was not intimidated one bit to hop on the tube with Daddy, even after Kate was too scared to go first. After the girls rode the tube, then Brian and I got to go together- a little alone time!! Looking forward to lots of boat trips this summer!


The cutest little girl to ever wake from her nap...

I'm biased- I know...but, she's so fun to play with when she gets up because she is just so irresistibly happy. I just want to squish her! Don't mind the lips- she had a red popsicle before her nap.

Taylor Turns TWO!

It's so odd for me to think that I have two toddlers, and no babies! We celebrated Taylor's 2nd birthday this Sunday and since cupcakes are all the rage these days, we had to make her a cupcake cake! Kate was a big help in blowing out the candles- but Taylor definitely can hold her own when it comes to eating...she sure outdid Kate on this one.

Taylor's absolute favorite thing in the world- babies! So, this was a perfect gift from her Nana. It was so funny to hear her reaction to this doll...she saw it, screamed, and then said "Oh my gosh!"...I've never heard those words come out of her mouth- it was pretty hilarious.

Sweet tooth?