We went boating this afternoon with Nana and Papa on their boat. I don't think Kate's smile faded the entire time, or at least not until she passed out on the way home. Papa let her drive the boat "all by herself" and she was in heaven. Taylor could not be found without her sunglasses- she had the rockstar personality to go with the look too. She was not intimidated one bit to hop on the tube with Daddy, even after Kate was too scared to go first. After the girls rode the tube, then Brian and I got to go together- a little alone time!! Looking forward to lots of boat trips this summer!


This afternoon I took the girls out to lunch while Rachel attended a baby shower. After lunch, we explored a new place across the street from the McDonald's we ate at (always a healthy choice w/ dad) ... it appears to be a Croatian/ Mediterranean-inspired development complete w/ a hotel, shopping, living, etc. It was fun to photograph ... off from the future hotel was the beginnings of a small vineyard that the girls named "the secret garden" (3rd picture down).

About 30 minutes into our self-guided tour (and blocks from our car) the girls decided they couldn't walk any further and that they needed their mom. The trip to ADRIATICA (McKinney, TX) was a little short-changed, but we'll be back--and next time it will be legal (we had to hop over a couple of fences to get in some parts). Enjoy.

The "secret garden", or the only "hill" in Texas, right off the freeway.

Kate is embracing her calling as my model ... either that or she's itching her legs from the grass we trail blazed.


My twin sister, Rebecca came for a visit to Dallas with her cute little boy, Oliver. They stayed for a fun and relaxing 6 days! One of the highlights of the trip was this trolley ride through a shopping/eating district in Dallas. The conductor of this particular trolley was so cute, so we had to include him in the line-up.

Some of the fun things we did included shopping in old town McKinney, a day at the mall (yes- we took all three kids!), the trolley ride, a trip to Sprinkles, a dinner at CPK with just Reba and I, and Rebecca playing at my teams' soccer game. Rebecca and I haven't played soccer together since intramurals at BYU and before that, in high school. So, it was fun to re-live the good ole' days, even if the game wasn't until 10:45 (props to Rebecca for being such a good sport about staying up so late- and for playing so dang good).

Can't wait to do it again!

Fun in the Park

Kate and Taylor are fascinated by water, in any form. This fountain is no exception-every rock within 5 feet is now sitting at the bottom of it.

Kate got all dressed up this weekend to go to a princess party...Cinderella was the chosen princess of the moment. The girls have been keeping very busy lately with Disney Princess Polly Pockets. They play with them for hours every day so getting dressed up like a REAL princess with a place to go is one exciting event!


A sunny day in our neighborhood...morning runs...jumping hay barrels....visiting the park...having a cones...exploring with Daddy...quick shopping trip...Panera, mmm...oh, and general conference. That's our Saturday.

Eggs for Easter


Kate and Taylor decorated Easter eggs OUTSIDE today... it was a gorgeous 80-degree Saturday. Though what made this extra special is that their cousins, "The Fia's", aka Sofia and Lilian, are in town for the weekend. Four little girls in one house...princesses, unicorns, horses, fairies, and chocolate (need I say more?)...

Above picture is of Lilian!

Pre-school fun

Horsey, Horsey

Kate and Taylor had so much fun riding these ponies today. They also got to hold and play with bunnies, lizards, a chinchilla, a hedgehog, a parrot and a little brand-new puppy. The girls now want some pets around our house...

Old Man Winter...

... paid us a visit last night. For little kids, there is something so magical about waking up to snow in the morning, especially if you live in Texas. This was Kate and Taylor's first experience with snow, but Kate knew just what to a snowman, make snow angels, and throw snowballs. The snow only lasted a few hours...a perfect winter.